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We are working hard to add new hikes, tracks and trails to this site every week and have a crazy year of adventure planned that we can’t wait to share with you. We hope to offer all the information and details for hiking and exploring which we often struggle to find when planning and preparing for our adventures in this beautiful country.


The team at Go Outside is here to help you when organising and planning your next
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The Go Outside Team share two passions, a love for travel and for the outdoors. We have hiked, run, paddled, trekked and cycled some of the most beautiful routes in South Africa.

While travelling internationally and within South Africa, and sharing our adventures with the people we meet, we always get asked the same questions – “Where did you find that place”, “Where can I get more information” and “Can I come with next time?” So we decided to put all these details in one place – for everyone who wants to Go Outside.

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Faerie Glen Nature Reserve

An evening hike in the beautiful Faerie Glen Nature Reserve, with the newest addition to the GO OUTSIDE Team.

Table Mountain National Park

For many Capetonians, Table Mountain is a magnificent playground where mornings are spent jogging or hiking with friends and pets and evenings are enjoyed picnicking or cycling on the mountain with the spectacular views of Cape Town as a backdrop…

The Cannibal Hike

This breathtaking 2 day hike has something for everyone – bushman paintings, waterfalls, unbeatable sunsets, a night in an open air cave and a serious climb to the top of Mushroom Rock. It is a great option to do with a big group of friends.

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